Membership & Booking App

Membership and Booking application suitable for all small businesses that have equipment, facilities or space they would like to monitise.

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App Features

Feature packed app with all necessary options

Period Cycle

Select between monthly and annual cycle

Multiple Options

Can add multiple membership options

Payment Integration

Securely connected to Stripe payment gateway

Under The Hood

Built on Wordpress CMS application

User Accounts

Account profile for every member


Can handle hundreds of members

Service Includes

To meet your your business needs, we include the following services in the package


We install the application on your website hosting server.


We alter the look and feel to match your brand id.


We provide technical support 7 days a week should anything go wrong.


Connect your app with your email server, and other marketing automation service.

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Build With

We developed and built the app with the leading online & digital tools

Pricing That Works

The base application includes all the standard features stated above, as well installation and training. For additional services, please contact us and we'll provide you with a custom quote.

*Please note, web hosting cost not included Read More

£175 *
  • App for one website
  • Up to 200 Members
  • Technical Support
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